The relevance of LIDAR mapping.

Andy Bogle, president of Technical Marketing Solutions, Houston, Texas, recognized the need for a broad LIDAR hub. LIDAR mapping is emerging as a viable commercial alternative for a wide variety of digital mapping programs. Systems are in operation throughout the world where high-resolution, three-dimensional data sets and a quick processing turnaround are required. ILMA’s intent is to bring together LIDAR manufacturers, operators, component suppliers, data processors and end-users in an inaugural forum style meeting where ideas and knowledge can be freely exchanged.

The 2001 Inaugural LIDAR Forum, “Mapping our Future,” will be held on Thursday, Feb. 8, 2001 in Denver, Colo. The full-day agenda will include presentations on LIDAR and Digital Image Processing, as well as a panel discussion about the issues facing the LIDAR industry, such as “Technology Availability” and “Breaking the Conventional Mapping Mindset.” The Forum is to be sponsored in part by Applanix Corporation, EnerQuest Systems LLC, TerraPoint Inc. and Z/I Imaging.