This upgraded software version provides a number of significant product features, including RTK Extend, SureNav and Solid Earth Tide corrections.

NavCom Technology announced the availability of version 3.0.0 Global Positioning System (GPS) software. This latest software version provides a number of significant product features such as RTK Extend, a technology that combines the capabilities of the StarFire™ positioning system with RTK to overcome the problem of communication dropouts. The software also provides NavCom's proprietary SureNav feature which ensures optimal navigation mode selection for increased positioning accuracy. Additionally, the software utilizes Solid Earth Tide corrections, giving users more accurate height measurements in high-accuracy positioning applications.

RTK Extend combines the StarFire global positioning system with RTK to eliminate the problem of communication dropouts. Obstacles such as hills, trees and buildings can interrupt the communication link to the base station, thus preventing a traditional RTK system from producing a position fix. The RTK Extend feature overcomes this problem by continuously computing both RTK and StarFire solutions simultaneously. During periods of successful RTK operation, the system keeps the back-up StarFire solution locked to the RTK solution until needed. When the communications link is lost, StarFire allows the receiver to continue producing RTK accurate position solutions for several minutes.

SureNav intelligently evaluates all available information including (but not limited to) the quality of available measurements, obtainable correction data and satellite geometry to optimize system performance. The system constantly evaluates navigation mode selection thus allowing it to transition between navigation modes more smoothly. SureNav can continue to use satellite measurements even when L2 is lost due to shading from foliage or partial blockage from structures. The system will also intelligently evaluate all combinations of single or dual frequency, 2D or 3D, type of corrections available including WAAS/EGNOS, StarFire and RTK to select which of the 16+ different operating modes will optimize performance.

The Solid Earth Tide corrections feature includes the highly accepted Sinko solid earth tide model that has been adapted to run in real time. The position solution can be automatically adjusted for the effects of solid earth tides in both horizontal and vertical dimensions. Adjusting for Solid Earth Tides is highly beneficial as the earth tides can affect the GPS height measurement accuracy by as much as 30 cm over the lunar cycle of new moon to full moon.

Version 3.0.0 software upgrade is available to all NavCom customers free of charge for any GPS product under warranty. Customers with products that have an expired warranty should contact their NavCom Dealer for information on software upgrade availability and pricing. Software version 3.0.0 will come as standard software for all NavCom GPS products starting October 2004.

Source: NavCom Technology, Sept. 22, 2004