Linux GeoMedia implementation heightens security and access of regional geospatial data.

Intergraph Mapping and Geospatial Solutions announced Kommunales Rechenzentrum Niederrhein (KRZN), the data processing center working for local government authorities in the Niederrhein area, has implemented Intergraph geospatial data management solutions to build one of the country's largest municipal geodata warehouses. KRZN provides computer-based information processing for 8,000 Web and desktop users within the 42 city and county municipalities in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. The KRZN warehouse will contain cadastral and related data on 725,000 land parcels and 770,000 buildings.

Capturing and analyzing data in a multi-vendor environment had become increasingly difficult for KRZN due to the increased demand for data processing, which was spurred by regional development. With geospatial data spread across 500 desktops and workstations in different formats, data exchange had become time-consuming and costly.

Using Intergraph's GeoMedia technology, existing data systems of local and regional governments were converted into a centralized Oracle-based geodata warehouse. This new Web-based system uses a Linux Apache front end Web server to administer and provide access to geographic data. Data owners have full access to warehouse data while selective external audiences have access to data sections specific to their needs. The new system provides extra security measures and simplifies administration for KRZN while providing an affordable solution for each municipal administration. Additional benefits are time and cost savings realized by the elimination of data format translation for both KRZN and the municipal entities.

The KRZN implementation showcases the powerful combination of Intergraph's GeoMedia Web solutions running in a Linux environment. The solution addresses the need for an environment secure from viruses and hackers while matching high-performance requirements such as better load balancing and sophisticated programming to designate different individual access rights.

Source: Intergraph, Sept. 8, 2004