Trimble now offers PocketScape, which allows users to control the GS-series with a Pocket PC.

Trimble's 3D Scanning Solutions, part of the Survey Business Area, announced a major new release: PocketScape V2 software for Trimble GS-series scanners. Trimble GS-series scanners are controlled with PointScape data acquisition software for use on regular notebook computers. Now Trimble also offers PocketScape, a handy software solution, which allows users to control the GS-series with a Pocket PC.

PocketScape is a compact package that is ideal for use in operations where Pocket PC scanner control makes sense. PocketScape is Recon friendly--an ideal combination at any time and especially where environmental conditions are harsh. Optimize on-site time with available notebook computer. Transfer data to notebook for immediate verification and editing while other Pocket PC controls the scanner, or during transfer of scanner to next station.

Easy-to-use graphic interface: View z-pics and auto-panorama in full window mode with pan, enhanced display visualization (points, Z-pic 3D emulation). In terms of scanning options, it is now possible to have real-time true coloring, automatic associate panorama image with corresponding scan. One tool which can easily be indispensable is the automatic reflective flat target detection, enhanced target/sphere scanning geo-referencing capability (acquired point and/or import survey file). It is now possible to use a framing: scan-time estimations and execute scan based on available time limit. A great way to move fast in the field!

Source: Trimble, Aug. 27, 2004