This GIS extension adds geospatial intelligence to PDF maps.

ayton Graphics Inc. introduced its newest product, MAP2PDF for Adobe Acrobat. This revolutionary product enables the geo-registration of PDF maps, and converts them into highly intelligent GIS documents. Never before available with PDF, users can now embed and display latitude and longitude in PDF maps, dynamically re-project coordinates using various datums and projections, as well as embed and display non-graphic attributes into PDF maps obtained from any spatially enabled source. Map coordinates and embedded attributes can be viewed using Adobe Reader, eliminating additional software, IT support and training costs.

MAP2PDF works by enabling the transformation of real world coordinates to PDF coordinates. The user simply selects at least two points with known coordinates, indicates the datum and projection used to produce the map, and enters the numeric values of the coordinates. Users can then select any point on the map and display the requested coordinates. Once the map is geo-registered, access to databases containing information about objects in the map is possible, and the data can be embedded for later display with Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader.

Expected applications of MAP2PDF are street, city and county maps, atlas maps, outside plant utility maps, US Geological Survey quad sheets and navigation charts--in addition, any map used for comprehension and/or consumption for posting on the Web. Most significantly, it enables geospatial collaboration and map viewing for both Homeland Security and military operations. Any PDF map can now be enriched to display geographical information about the area and the items it contains.

Source: Layton Graphics, May 21, 2004