This is my friend ... Stosh.

He's over 16 feet tall and has veins of steel and muscles of fiberglass concrete. He has a small head but a good-sized brain.

His feet are firmly planted and he won't get up and leave me someday (at least not without taking half my yard).

He runs all day (or at least 8 hours/the limit of a Promark Xcm at 1 second epochs). I might slow him down to 2 seconds, so I can keep up with him on long days.

He has a "blockage" to the southeast sky (East to East-Southeast), but otherwise his eyesight is pretty good. (I might talk to the neighbor about trimming his tree to improve Stosh's eyesight.)

I had to set him at the extreme southwest corner of my property, so I had no room for "guy-wires," instead I used wires to hold the top in compression to the base. In a high wind Stosh kinda "vibrates," but only a little ... out of fear, no doubt.

Oh ... that "little" guy is "stan." he's a 7' long pipe driven, almost to refusal. I got tired of using a 15' rod (it wobbles quite a bit in a small wind).

Submitted by John N. Francis, PS