Research grant to aid in study of impact of climate and soil-related factors on invasive aquatic plants.

Intergraph Mapping and Geospatial Solutions announced Canada's University of Ottawa will begin research on the continental climate and soil-related effects on the range boundaries of all major native, invasive aquatic plant species in North America using Intergraph solutions. The Laboratory for Applied Geomatics and GIS Science (LAGGISS) within the University's Department of Geography recently joined Intergraph's Registered Research Laboratory (RRL) Program, which provides students, educators and researchers with leading-edge technology and development support needed for applied research activities. As a member of the program, LAGGISS has received a variety of Intergraph software valued at more than $110,000 (U.S.), which will aid in the research efforts.

In conjunction with private and public research partners, LAGGISS supports original applications of GIS and geomatics for research on climate change, environmental, social, economic, agricultural and population health at continental, national and regional levels.

Management of aquatic plants in North America costs billions of dollars each year because of the plant's ability to easily naturalize outside their native ranges. Intended to assist wetland management in Canada and the U.S., the goal of the LAGGISS research is to predict changes in range boundaries under global warming scenarios. Intergraph's GeoMedia software will be used to help graduate students complete the GIS database.

University of Ottawa is the latest in a growing number of universities in the Ontario province to join Intergraph's RRL Program. Intergraph's RRL Program recognizes the importance of academia in the evolution of applied GIS and supports geospatial research and teaching at the college level. For more information about the Intergraph Registered Research Laboratory Program or to apply for an Intergraph Education Grant, visit Intergraph's website.

Source: Intergraph, Aug. 9, 2004