Schinnerer's Contractor's Program recently released new 2004 editions of its three policy forms: a stand-alone professional liability policy, a stand-alone pollution incident policy and a combined professional and pollution liability form.

"We made these revisions for a number of reasons," says Emerson Browne, manager of the Contractor's Program. "A lot of the changes had to do with getting our forms in sync-with themselves, with our other A/E forms and with the latest version of the Insurance Office of America's Commercial General Liability form. These changes allowed for greater coverage consistency within Schinnerer's program. It also allows our Contractor's coverage to better compliment CGL coverage written on the ISO form."

Other changes involved clarifying policy language, in response to feedback from Schinnerer's brokers.

Some of these revisions resulted in broader coverage in certain areas. For example, the Combined Form now offers protection for a pollution incident resulting from the loading or unloading of an owned auto. The Combined Policy also covers asbestos abatement claims made after January 1, 1990. A chart detailing the more significant changes can be viewed at Schinnerer's website.

The Contractor's Program is available on a non-admitted basis in all states, the District of Columbia, and U.S. territories except for Puerto Rico.

Source: Schinnerer, July 28, 2004