Bentley Systems Incorporated announced the availability of its ETS Resource Center, the source for online learning from Bentley. The center adds a wide portfolio of on-demand resources to Bentley Institute's training offerings and is highlighted by more than 1000 innovative, instructional video clips of product features and workflows.

The ETS Resource Center delivers self-service training to the desktop by putting hundreds of hours of training at a user's fingertips. Users can find training immediately, become more productive, and return to work in as little as two minutes. The center is a great way to learn new material just in time or refresh one's knowledge of Bentley products whenever necessary or when time allows.

Specifically, the ETS Resource Center ( includes:

  • Feature Clips, which are instructional video clips of user tasks. Feature Clips can quickly provide just the instruction needed for a particular project or task. The ETS Resource Center's growing library already contains more than 1000 of these innovative Feature Clips.
  • Recorded Virtual Classes, which are hour-long multimedia presentations covering a range of product features, especially suited for reinforcing training. Nearly 40 recorded classes are available on demand, with new sessions added weekly.
  • Online Classroom Training Guides, which contain all the comprehensive, in-depth information of traditional Bentley Institute classroom courses. These 21 online self-study courses are divided into modules, each taking about an hour to complete.

The ETS Resource Center organizes all resources in topic folios within vertical markets, letting users browse quickly to the items they need. The center's comprehensive library of resources reaches across Bentley products, and is continually updated with training on the newest Bentley technologies.

As the center expands, organizations will be able to build custom collections of Feature Clips to fit their own training needs. Organizations will also be able to create and add new clips in collections tailored to their best practices, workflows, and project standards. Also, the center will offer full search capabilities for all content, including standard and custom Feature Clips collections.

AEC organizations and owner-operators are seeking a blended learning approach to training, combining online and classroom delivery. At BE Conference 2004, Bentley's annual user conference, more than half of attendees surveyed said blended learning is their preferred method of training.

With the addition of the ETS Resource Center, Bentley's Enterprise Training Subscription (ETS) program provides blended learning opportunities, making training widely available across an organization.

The ETS Resource Center allows three levels of online access:

  • Bentley ETS subscribers have unlimited access to all Resource Center offerings, including Online Classroom Training Guides, Recorded Virtual Classes, and collections of Feature Clips
  • Subscribers to the Bentley SELECT technology and service program can view Feature Clip tutorials focused on specific Bentley tools
  • All visitors to the ETS Resource Center can sample Feature Clip collections providing general overviews of Bentley products

About Bentley's Enterprise Training Subscription program
The Enterprise Training Subscription (ETS) program from the Bentley Institute offers user organizations convenient, unlimited training on Bentley software products for a fixed annual fee. Courses cover all AEC disciplines, including building, civil, plant, and geospatial.

As a better way to keep professionals well trained, a Bentley ETS can increase productivity and profits, help retain employees, improve collaboration with partners and suppliers, and enhance business agility. Unlimited access to courses maximizes training opportunities and streamlines administration, while the annual term simplifies budgeting and accounting.

Source: Bentley, July 22, 2004