Promotion gives survey professionals additional incentive to upgrade to the TDS Recon.

Tripod Data Systems (TDS) announced a new offer of $400 cash back when customers trade in an HP 48GX surveying data collection software card and buy a new TDS Recon data collector with TDS Survey Pro software. The promotion follows the announcement that Hewlett-Packard will no longer produce the HP 48 calculator, which many surveyors have used to run Survey Pro, the top-selling software in the industry.

For surveyors who take advantage of this promotion but still want to use the HP 48 calculators for basic COGO calculations, TDS has an additional offer of $100 back on the purchase of a new TDS COGO card.

The rugged, lightweight TDS Recon runs Windows Mobile 2003 software for Pocket PCs, and for surveyors comes bundled with a choice of Survey Pro software. TDS Survey Pro software gives surveyors a set of comprehensive tools to collect, work with and organize their survey data.

The trade-in promotion is valid for Recons purchased between May 3 and June 30, 2004.

Source: TDS, May 4, 2004