Innovative and excellent use of geospatial technology helps customers improve business processes.

At the recent GITA conference in Seattle, Wash., Intergraph Mapping and Geospatial Solutions' customers, city of Hamilton, (Ontario, Canada) and DTE Energy Gas / Michigan Consolidated Gas (MichCon) (Detroit, Mich.), were honored with 2004 GITA Excellence Awards.

Additionally, Intergraph customers, Aquila Networks Canada (Calgary, Alberta), GeoEdmonton Right-of-Way Alliance (Canada) and Public Service Company of New Mexico (Albuquerque, N.M.), received the 2004 GITA Innovator Award. The Intergraph technology-based winning systems illustrate how innovative application of geospatial technology is helping companies realize improvements in their business processes.

GITA's Innovator Award recognizes the unique and significant contributions of user organizations that have pushed the envelope of geospatial technology through innovative development of a technology, service or application.

GITA's Excellence Awards honor user organizations in six categories for outstanding application of AM/FM/GIS technology. Intergraph's technology was instrumental in developing the following award-winning systems:

  • GITA 2004 Innovator Award - Aquila Networks Canada
    Aquila captures and automatically records maintenance information against actual features. Advancing from its initial use of pole testing in 1995, the system keeps field workers and data up to date and connected to headquarters, which allows the company to quickly address the growing maintenance demands of its more than half a million customers without the need to increase staff.
  • GITA 2004 Innovator Award - GeoEdmonton Right-of-Way Alliance
    Twenty-five years ago, a group of utility companies partnered with the City of Edmonton to develop a ground-breaking model for data sharing, cost reduction, interoperability, standardization and collaboration. By cooperating to create and share data, partners of the GeoEdmonton Right-of-Way Alliance avoided the cost of maintaining separate versions of Edmonton's base map while sharing crucial infrastructure information within the Road Rights-of-Way. The GeoEdmonton Right-of-Way Alliance has been a model for data sharing and cost reduction strategies around the world. Current members of the GeoEdmonton Right-of Way-Alliance include: Intergraph customer, City of Edmonton (GeoEdmonton Office, Transportation and Streets [Rights of Way Mapping Sections], Asset Management and Public Works [Drainage Branch]); AtcoGas; Intergraph customer, Bell Canada; EPCOR (Water); EPCOR (Power); Shaw Cablesystems; and Intergraph customer, Telus.
  • GITA 2004 Innovator Award - Public Service Company of New Mexico
    Public Service Company of New Mexico (PNM) has succeeded in the deployment of a multi-vender distribution and field solution. Intergraph's AM/FM/GIS technology is used to successfully manage the complicated construction, operation and maintenance environment and feed other systems, including an outage management system (OMS). The biggest challenge that PNM met and overcame was changing the way geospatial applications are managed at all levels. The use of these systems resulted in some of the highest reliability ratings in the country.
  • GITA Award of Excellence in Public Sector/Local Government - City of Hamilton
    The city of Hamilton embarked on its vision to build a City that uses spatial information effectively by establishing its widely acclaimed MAP.Hamilton Web site ( Further pursuing the use of spatial data throughout the enterprise, the city has recently completed: a zoning spatial database within the Planning and Development Department; a new web geographic information system- (GIS) based engineering drawing management system in the Public Works Department; an improved intranet web GIS; an implementation of GIS in health to survey and assess the risk of the West Nile Virus; and an economic development site selection Web GIS application.
  • GITA Award of Excellence in Gas Utility - DTE Energy Gas / MichCon
    The desire of DTE Energy Gas / MichCon to provide top-quality customer service to its 1.2 million customers resulted in the implementation of the Mapping and Automated Recordkeeping System (MARS) in 1986 as a pilot project with initial emphasis on access and availability to facility information. Today, the Intergraph FRAMME-based MARS models the entire distribution system, providing benefits that contribute directly to the bottom line and enhance customer satisfaction by supporting system reliability analysis, such as the ability to identify potential gas supply shortages. MARS supports an enterprise system that provides tangible benefits for daily processes and automates workflows through integration between AM/FM/GIS and key applications, including Advantica's SynerGEE product and the company's Leak Survey Application. Additionally, Intergraph's GeoMedia(R) supports environmental issue identification.
  • Middlestead honored for distinguished service
    John Middlestead, Manager of Data Integrity and Technology at DTE Energy Gas / MichCon, was also honored at the conference with GITA's Distinguished Service Award. This is only the second time in the association's history that the award, recognizing individuals who have significantly contributed to GITA over the years, has been granted. Middlestead has been involved with GITA for more than 20 years, is a past president and is currently the Chairman of Intergraph's Utilities and Communications User Exchange.

Source: Intergraph, May 5, 2004