Diversified Brands now offers Sprayon 711 in a non-aerosol Liqui-Sol formulation. Sprayon Liqui-Sol light oil lubricant provides a 100% usable product by eliminating the need for propellants. As a non-aerosol product, Liqui-Sol greatly reduces safety concerns regarding product storage, application and disposal. The Liqui-Sol packaging also features a reusable spray trigger with an adjustable spray dial to meet the individualized needs of the application, from fan spray to pin stream.

Known as The Protector, Sprayon 711 penetrates, lubricates, demoisturizes and inhibits corrosion on numerous kinds of substrates. NSF approved and H2 rated, Sprayon 711 meets the performance requirements of MIL-C-23411 and Naval Ordinance Systems Weapons Specs WS-14138. It also has a dielectric strength of 47,000 volts.

Sprayon Liqui-Sol 711 is ideal for use in general maintenance applications on bearings, machinery, electrical wiring, ignition systems, connectors, linkages, circuitry, transformers, transmitters, operating controls, nuts and bolts, and production equipment of all kinds.

Source: Diversified Brands, April 19, 2004