BAE Systems has released SOCET SET version 5.2, its robust digital photogrammetric software application-the most accurate and flexible image analysis software in the industry. The new version delivers increased productivity through several innovative processes, including the SOCET for ArcGIS module, which provides 3D feature collection capabilities in ESRI's ArcMap environment, permitting users to edit personal or multi-user geodatabases without photogrammetric expertise.

In addition to the new SOCET for ArcGIS module, SOCET SET v5.2 also includes extensive automation in the new VCT (Visual Coverage Tool) Batch module. With algorithms developed at BAE Systems, VCT Batch performs totally automated image import, triangulation, DTM extraction, orthorectification and mosaicking. Other enhancements include new matching algorithms within the Automated Point Measurement tool; much closer integration between SOCET SET and the BINGO aerial triangulation module for high performance bundle adjustment with self-calibration and blunder elimination; and sensor model and image import for Leica ADS40 imagery. Defense customers will benefit from extensive new functionality for generating U.S. Government controlled image formats from a range of image sources.

Source: BAE, Dec. 17, 2004