I-SiTE Pty Ltd released the I-SiTE 4400 Laser Imaging system. Setup, backsight coordinates and instrument height are stored with the scan data, so the scan is always located in the correct coordinate system. A digital panoramic camera integrated within the instrument housing gives a texture resolution comparable to professional digital cameras. The I-SiTE 4400 is 430 x 320 x 250 mm and weighs 14 kg including batteries. No laptop is needed with the I-SiTE 4400. Advanced instrument control and scan configuration are managed through I-SiTE's HHC tablet and software, which provides a touchscreen interface for all field tasks. The I-SiTE 4400 scanner collects data at an accuracy of 50 mm. A single scan takes a minute, but the 4400 may also be configured to automatically sample each point a number of times to enhance accuracy for specific applications. (I-SiTE, Glenside, Australia)