Tripod Data Systems (TDS) released the TDS Locator accessory package, which consists of TDS Locator software, a Recon Extended CF-Cap and a Holux CompactFlash GPS WAAS-capable receiver. The package helps surveyors find the corners of properties that have overgrown or unmarked boundaries. TDS Locator can be used with TDS Recon data collectors that run Windows Mobile 2003 software for Pocket PCs. Surveyors can purchase either a complete package or individual components. TDS Locator software can be used with most CompactFlash GPS receivers that output NMEA data strings. When used with a Holux GM-270 receiver receiving a WAAS signal, the TDS Locator has an accuracy of 2.2 m. In non-DGPS mode, the accuracy range is from five to 25 m. The software's navigation display shows the route, waypoints, track, north arrow and target arrow. Surveyors can use JPG background maps, such as aerial photos, with TDS Locator. The software can also display sky plots showing the relative position and signal strength from GPS satellites, along with HDOP values-helping users check the GPS signal. (TDS, Corvallis, Ore.)