John Deere's new Super Caddy--an advanced fluid filtering caddy--keeps machines running smoothly and extends component life by eliminating fluid contamination.

Super Caddy features a B7 1000 filter with a new, patented design. The filter pleat distributes the load to make use of space more efficiently, which enables it to distribute pressure evenly and hold more dirt. The flow is from the inside out, and the core is in the tower, making disposal easy. The mobile unit, which is available at participating John Deere dealers, can be transported to the machine on-site for thorough cleaning.

On-board sensors provide information about particle count and percentage of water saturation as the technician filters the oil. A variable speed drive allows the technician to change the flow of the pump depending on fluid viscosity or temperature. In fact, the system is so sensitive that it actually can tell the technician if the oil is too cold to give an accurate reading, which keeps the system from giving a false signal when oil is still below 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Source: John Deere, Aug. 9, 2004