Novariant's new Logic7D Excavate system was designed to boost the productivity of excavators by providing accurate, real-time positioning of the machine's bucket teeth. The system empowers equipment operators by displaying the grade and location of the bucket without the need for survey stakes. In addition, excavation can continue when a survey crew is not available, at night or in blinding conditions. With Logic7D Excavate, production can continue with confidence.

Logic7D Excavate is powered by Novariant's new 7DDuo GPS receiver, a dual-antenna roof array that determines position and orientation of the machine, and a rugged touch-screen display that was specifically designed for the construction environment. The system also links a series of sensors through a controller area network (CAN/J1939) bus to compute the position of the bucket teeth with pinpoint accuracy. With this information overlaid on plan maps and design data, the equipment operator can efficiently control the bucket based on real-time cut/fill, slope location and depth information.

In addition to the 7DDuo GPS receiver and antenna array, the system includes and color 10.4 in (264 mm) touchscreen user terminal, designed for use in both high-glare and low-light environments. Operators can easily move digital plan data to and from the machine using a compact flash card. In addition, the mounting hardware is designed for easy removal at the end of the work day for security purposes. Another unique feature of the terminal is its Linux-based operating system, which allows for third-party software integration.

The Logic7D Excavate system is expected to be available in Q4 2005.

Source: Novariant, March 15, 2005