Prosurv LLC released Prosurv cEZ.NET for Windows Mobile 2003SE and Windows Mobile 2003 Pocket PCs and other devices. The all-new cEZ.NET is a complete data collection software package for use with total stations and digital levels. Prosurv cEZ.NET has more than 100 ProGO functions, including topo, traverse, automated cross sectioning, three point resection, radial stakeout, stake to line and curve in 3D, full feature codes and attributes support, quick codes, setup by point numbers or Bg/Az with line-only or shoot to backsight, and more. Reports include inverse around, inverse from one point, station/offset, baseline offset, and vertical curves. NAD83 State Plane & UTM coordinate zones are also supported, with automatic scale factor computation. Prosurv cEZ.NET has graphics capabilities that allow the user to plot points, draw lines and curves, and zoom in/out. Shot points are plotted automatically in real-time on the graphics screen. cEZ.NET's Autodraw feature provides feature code based linework on-screen in real-time. Users can create horizontal geometry by entering tangent bearings and distances and curve information. Points representing the geometry are created automatically. Vertical geometry is entered by PVI station and elevation, and is completely independent of the horizontal geometry. Vertical curves and asymmetrical vertical curves are allowed. Once the geometry is stored, users can compute dozens of horizontally and vertically offset points in seconds, or create offsets of the major points (PC, PT), or one point at a time (e.g., manhole with rim elevation). Users can edit and delete points, but the raw data cannot be altered. Notes are stored automatically in the raw data when coordinate points are edited or deleted. Time stamps are recorded automatically upon each setup. Points can be imported/exported directly within cEZ.NET. A 30-day trial of Prosurv cEZ.NET is available.

Also, Prosurv LLC released Pocket WorldCon 1.1, coordinate and latitude/longitude conversion software for the Pocket PC. Pocket WorldCon allows users to convert between State Plane coordinates, UTM coordinates and latitude/longitude, and includes built-in NADCON conversion capability. Version 1.1 introduces the ability to convert a text file containing coordinates or latitude/longitude to any other zone's coordinates or lat/long. A seven-day trial of Prosurv Pocket WorldCon is available at

In addition, Prosurv LLC released Pocket Quads.NET 1.5, topo map software for the Pocket PC with feature search capabilities. This new version allows users to search for state-wide features using USGS GNIS (Geographic Names Information Systems) databases available for download from In addition to searching by feature name, searches may be performed for all features of a given type within a given radius. Also, new features can be added to the database using the Import New Features routine. A 30-day trial of Pocket Quads.NET 1.5 is available.