These new products maximize options for 3D laser scanning.

Leica Geosystems HDS Inc. announced that it has begun shipments of three new products:
  • The high-speed HDS4500 laser scanner for plant and industrial applications
  • Cyclone 5.1, specialized engineering software for high-performance processing, registration, managing and information extraction from large laser scan databases
  • CloudWorx 3.0, software for processing and using laser scan data directly within CAD desktop software

      These products are poised to cut both field time and office costs for High-Definition Survey projects (also known as 3D laser scanning or HDS) in civil, architectural, and plant applications. Together these products maximize choice for professionals, while also increasing the efficiency of High-Definition Surveys that involve very large point cloud data sets.

      Source: Leica Geosystems HDS, July 2, 2004