Staying linked.

In surveying, the links that relate one survey to another survey are vital to understanding and completing a project. In the early days, these links were chain links. Today, software links bridge collection data from program to program. Whatever the method, today's essential surveys link back to previous generations of surveys, and provide links to tomorrow's.

Links like networking and other communication means help us excel in business by obtaining new clients or retaining "the regulars." E-mail, voicemail, personal computers and websites all keep us "in the loop."

Now, POB's parent company, BNP Media (and thereby POB), proudly announces the forthcoming launch of BNP Media LINX, a user-friendly online search engine powered by Google that crawls across the varied industries served by BNP Media publications (visit That's source material from 40-plus trade mediums, including the markets of architecture and construction, manufacturing, security systems, food and packaging, HVACR, and industrial machinery and plumbing! Users of LINX will be able to retrieve pertinent industry information to effectively meet their demands.

LINX is an all-encompassing tool that provides you with immediate access to logged, organized and fully searchable past-issue archives, industry info, classified ads, products and services, and much more. LINX is designed to benefit industry professionals like you by bringing you the latest news concerning your field, and connecting you to the vast array of industry-specific titles, events, award-winning columnists and superior information that BNP Media has brought to readers for more than 77 years.

It's a link to what you need to get your job done or to cross some personal items off your list. With LINX, you won't get frustrated or waste time sifting through consumer-oriented information or advertising. You can get what you need-and get it fast. You can retrieve helpful articles and other content to help you in your professional and personal business, while avoiding the hit-and-miss chaos of clicking through thousands of search results. And because our sites are updated daily, you'll never miss an opportunity to act fast on a job opening or a great deal on equipment. LINX is specific and timely so you can quickly and easily review fresh, new results each and every day. It's online and available all the time.

So, check it out. BNP Media LINX at From chains, to software and the Internet, and now to specific industry information without the hassle, POB is helping you to stay linked.