Built especially for surveyors with strong COGO features, SiteComp Survey offers speed and accuracy.

SiteComp Inc. released SiteComp Survey, built specifically for surveyors.

With the strong COGO features, SiteComp Survey offers speed and accuracy.

With intelligent digital terrain modeling, surveyors can read in a set of points and quickly get an accurate surface model for contour creation and slope analysis. TINs are quickly and easily created without the use of breaklines. Since there is no limit on the number of points, millions of points can be read in and managed without losing speed.

The point based, no-module system is both highly accurate and completely stand alone. Boundary, contouring, drafting, coordinate geometry, earthwork calculations and design are all fully integrated.

SiteComp Survey is completely compatible with all major industry formats, including dwg, dgn, dxf and ASCII files. Survey also easily connects with virtually all data collectors and fully supports LandXML as well as all other coordinate systems.

SiteComp focuses on continued product improvement based on customer input without changing formats or forcing costly upgrades and retraining. Founded in 1978, SiteComp has a strong history of building software solutions for the surveying industry.

Source: SiteComp Inc., May 20, 2004