3E-Government software solutions offer improved workflows, information sharing and web publishing solutions to make governments more efficient.

Bentley Systems Inc. announced a series of seminars that will detail 3E-Government, the company's initiative and related software that gives governments the ability to:
  • Engineer with solutions tailored to the needs of each department
  • Enable streamlined information sharing across departments
  • Empower government and the public with quick, easy access to information through a Web browser

The seminars will focus on the needs of city managers, department heads, mayors and other elected officials, public safety professionals, mapping departments, GIS analysts, and environmental experts. They will also be of significant value to engineering firms that do work for government agencies.

The initial series of half-day 3E-Government seminars will be held in nine cities across the United States between March and June of this year. In addition, Bentley will host worldwide seminars beginning in April. A second series of seminars is scheduled for later in the year.

These seminars follow BE Meeting Prague 2005, where last week more than 350 representatives of cadastres, government agencies, local governments, utilities, and communication providers from Europe, the Middle East, North America, and Latin America gathered to discuss Bentley geospatial solutions.

Source: Bentley, March 7, 2005