James W. Sewall Company is pleased to announce that the company celebrates its 125th anniversary this year. Founded in 1880 by two Maine engineers, Sewall has grown from a local family-owned business into a national consulting firm with 175 employees, offices in Maine, New York, Kentucky, and North Carolina, and broad offerings in aerial photography, spatial information services, forestry, and engineering.

Sewall will be hosting commemorative events throughout the year. These opportunities-which include workshops at industry conferences, organization-sponsored seminars, and educational presentations at client sites-honor Sewall's commitment to advancing technical knowledge, delivering high-quality products, and fostering strong relationships. In addition, Sewall has planned educational exchanges with local schools and museums, university and professional organization internships, and educational sponsorships that promote the expanding use of spatial technologies.

As Sewall commemorates its 125th anniversary with educational events, the company also offers clients a promise for the next 125 years by launching an aggressive program of education in-house. A multi-year effort, the company has dedicated significant resources to staff training in technical fields, in organizational effectiveness, and in best known methods of production to ensure the continuing delivery of reliable, innovative, and quality service.

Source: Sewall, March 3, 2005