Leica Geosystems announced a revolutionary breakthrough in surveying technology with the unveiling of SmartStation, a total station with fully integrated GPS.

The new Leica SmartStation integrates GPS and total station functionality into a single compact package with common software, database, storage medium and user interface. All operating procedures for GPS and terrestrial surveying are carried out through the total station keyboard and display. All data are stored in the same database on a CompactFlash card. The integrated package eliminates the need for cables, additional batteries or extra data loggers.

SmartStation offers unlimited flexibility. The TPS and GPS components can be used either together or separately. Once the SmartStation is positioned by RTK, the SmartAntenna can be removed and used as a full-fledged RTK rover on a pole, while the total station works alone with full functionality.

The SmartAntenna provides rapid satellite acquisition and robust tracking and uses Leica Geosystems' exclusive SmartCheck algorithms to provide RTK accuracy of 10mm ± 1ppm horizontal and 20mm ± 1ppm vertical with 99.9% reliability at ranges of up to 50 km from the base station.

Source: Leica Geosystems, March 8, 2005