Wes Abercrombie will assist surveyors and contractors in Alabama.

Advance Precision Products, a full line Trimble dealer, announces the appointment of Wes Abercrombie as Survey Sales Specialist for Trimble products in Alabama.

He will assist surveyors and contractors in Alabama by providing information to them on the benefits of incorporating the latest GPS and optical total station technologies and associated programs to enhance their capabilities and productivity to improve their profits.

Abercrombie is a licensed surveyor. Since 1985 he has worked in the civil consulting sector and the Roads and Transportation Department in Jefferson County where he also managed a survey crew.

In addition to the latest products for the survey industry, the company also represents Trimble machine control systems and the Spectra Precision Laser brand.

Advance Precision Products also stocks a wide selection of supplies and accessories, offers technical support and factory-trained service reps. The company’s locations are in Nashville, Knoxville, Chattanooga, Louisville, Lexington and in Atlanta.