Avenza Systems Inc. announces that MAPublisher can now be demonstrated live over the internet using a new technology from Glance Networks (www.glance.net). Similar to Webex, Glance does not require any additional client side software. Clients simply enter avenza.glance.net into a browser window, enter a four digit password and they are able to view the desktop of an Avenza representative who then provides a custom live demo of MAPublisher's capabilities. The person taking the demo can ask questions and request a review of specific functionality.

"The Live demo is a simple and powerful way of demonstrating the many benefits that can be achieved using MAPublisher software," said Doug Smith, one of Avenza's MAPublisher live demo providers. "People who have taken the demo say it saved them a lot of time getting familiar with the product," he added.

Live demos can be scheduled online at www.avenza.com or by calling Avenza at 1-800-884-2555. A typical live demo takes 10-15 minutes but can be extended on request.