Blue Marble Geographics announced that their Internet Mapping Solution, BeyondGeo, won first place in a Directions Magazine web-mapping contest. This contest was conducted solely at the discretion of Directions Magazine. Blue Marble and Sugarloaf/USA played no role in the development, design, or deployment of the contest.

Blue Marble has been writing GIS software tools and solutions for over 10 years. Their technology is embedded in hundreds of GIS applications currently used by military, oil exploration, civil engineering, surveying, technology and corporate GIS systems. BeyondGeo is a simple and complete Internet map service that enables businesses and organizations to easily and cost-effectively publish interactive, database-driven maps on their web site. Blue Marble currently serves over 120,000 customers in over 60 countries.

Directions Magazine is the premier, worldwide resource for GIS news, technology, and events. The magazine has been continuously publishing since 1998. With a readership, of over 150,000 visitors this month, it is one of the fastest growing GIS news resources in the industry. Each week, Directions brings information regarding products, companies, and people in two editions: the Monday Gazette featuring the week's review of news items, and the Wednesday Digest featuring technical and popular articles, new products and software reviews, as well as the events that shape the spatial information industry. In addition, the Direction’s website provides access to tools, maps, and GIS discussion lists, as well as other useful guides for both the experienced and novice GIS user.

The Directions Magazine web-mapping contest was conducted to determine the latest and greatest use of mapping technology found on the Internet today. Some 105 mapmaking companies participated in this contest. The maps were divided into three categories: Government, Business, and Miscellaneous. The Sugarloaf Interactive Live Ski Conditions Map was voted the number one business map, beating out 21 other maps in that category.

“BeyondGeo is known for its ease of use and low pricing, but these results prove that you can also display intelligent maps with the tool. Most of the people who vote in these contests are mapmakers themselves and they know a great map when they see one.” stated Blue Marble’s Director of Business Development Patrick Cunningham.

Sugarloaf is able to answer a key demand from their customers for distributing information on their website. Anyone who is on the Sugarloaf web site,, can easily click through and get up-to-date ski conditions using an interactive map. Users can zoom in and see which trails, lifts, or sections of the mountain are open. They can also get information on where a trail goes, how difficult it is rated, and its grooming status. The map is available at

“With the Blue Marble live conditions map we can provide our guests with more information in greater detail and in real time than we can through other sources. It’s also a fun way to keep up with what’s happening on the mountain without ever leaving your desk,” said Bill Swain, Sugarloaf’s Communications Manager.

Source: Blue Marble Geographics