Carahsoft Technology Corp. was awarded a five-year GSA schedule for SiteComp products.

SiteComp, a provider of advanced surveying, mapping and land development software, announced the award of a five-year GSA contract, GS-35F-0131R, Schedule 70. In a joint agreement with SiteComp, Carahsoft Technology Corp. of Reston, Virginia, becomes the only IT solutions provider to offer SiteComp products and services to government customers.

At the heart of all SiteComp software is a highly evolved foundational technology called CDIS - Coordinate Design and Information System. CDIS-based software was developed because the representation of the spatial disciplines of surveying, mapping and land development are best achieved by using advanced point-based technology.

Under the terms of this agreement, GSA has awarded all current SiteComp products and services onto the Carahsoft Technology Corp GSA schedule. SiteComp products and services are now available exclusively on the Carahsoft GSA schedule.

Source: SiteComp, May 9, 2005