NovaLIS Technologies and business partner High Desert Geo-Technologies have successfully implemented NovaLIS Land Development Office in the City of Nampa, Idaho.

Nampa is located in the Treasure Valley area in Southwest Idaho and, with a population of over 70,000, it is the second largest city in the state. A destination for new business, Nampa has experienced rapid growth and the City's previous platform was not able to handle the large increase in permit requests. When a new solution was sought to manage land development practices in June of 2004, Building Safety Director, Dennis D. Davis selected NovaLIS' Land Development Office.

The City became a partner in the development of the system. Among the first to implement Land Development Office Version 8.5, they are leaders in the industry. The design is based on a detailed new workflow system through the business area analysis that decreases duplication of effort and maximizes productivity during this heavy period of growth. Key staff members have been trained in the Land Records Framework technology and can manage modifications to their system.

Nampa's system is industry compliant with residential, multi-family, and non-residential valuation based on a table driven fee matrix modeling International Building Code and Nampa's current valuation and fee schedules. This makes it very easy for staff to modify fee indexes as they change, instead of manually calculating the fees.

GIS functionality is also available at every desktop. Land Development Office utilizes the new ESRI ArcEngine NovaLIS MapViewer, the NovaLIS GIS Display. All users can quickly view an applicant or range of permits. Inspectors can now plan their days more efficiently by geographic location.

Nampa's system is now currently deployed in the Building Safety Department with Planning and Zoning, Engineering, and Code Enforcement coming on line soon. Nampa is planning to deploy the Land Development Office Web solution to give citizens and contractors access to the system.

NovaLIS Land Development Office completely automates workflow practices, ensuring the consistent application of regulations, increasing staff productivity, and improving customer service. NovaLIS' land management solution combines GIS, document imaging, workflow management, parcel and application cloning, Internet browser connectivity, and relational database technology in one complete and totally integrated package.

Source: NovaLIS, May 11, 2005