Leica Geosystems announced the introduction of a new seismic stakeout application software package for the System 1200 GPS.

The seismic stakeout program was developed in response to a need for ensuring that field crews do not intrude on exclusion zones when placing seismic charges and sensors.

It is critically important in the seismic industry to make sure underground explosive charges or sonic vibrations do not damage any nearby structures, such as water wells, pipelines or buildings. The new seismic stakeout application allows users to enter a predefined data set of exclusion zones into the System 1200, which will sound an audible warning whenever the field crews attempt to place a stake in a prohibited area.

The seismic stakeout application was specifically written for the seismic industry by Leica Geosystems' Software Development Centre in Montreal, to support the large number of seismic companies using the System 1200 in western Canada.

Source: Leica Geosystems, April 22, 2005