These releases are major upgrades and include expanded point filtering, enhanced DGN import and export, and much more.

SiteComp Inc. has released Version 5.0 of its Survey and Civil/Survey software. These releases are major upgrades and include the following new features:
  • Point filtering has been expanded to offer the naming of filters, saving of filters and the use of more than one filter at a time.
  • User definable line connection codes and feature codes enable methods used in other programs to be added to SiteComp by the user.
  • DWG and DXF importing and exporting continues to lead the industry with seamless compatibility from the current releases back to Release 14.
  • DGN import and export has been greatly enhanced. SiteComp now transfers DGN files directly without the need for DXF conversion.
  • Shape file import and export has been updated, and now includes the use of projection file to determine units.
  • View, select and modify points in a new spreadsheet view.
  • Multiple characters on a figure enables words and/or phrases to be added to a line.
  • New options in parcel commands allows snapping to closed parcel and picking a parcel from a list.
  • Vertical Design changes include the addition of a typical cross section report and the ability to change the offset of the slope intersection at a station.

Since 1978, SiteComp has provided the most advanced point-based software solutions for the surveying and civil engineering industries. Product improvements are based on customer input without changing formats or forcing costly upgrades and retraining.

Source: SiteComp, May 3, 2005