Prosurv LLC announced the release of Pocket Quads.NET version 1.5 with feature search capabilities.

Prosurv LLC announces the release of Pocket Quads.NET version 1.5 with feature search capabilities. This new version allows users to search for State-wide Features using USGS GNIS (Geographic Names Information Systems) databases. State-wide GNIS databases modified for use with Pocket Quads.NET will be available for download from the website. Typically, these databases contain tens of thousands of records and two dozen or more feature types, such as Lake, Stream, Summit, Cemetery, Hospital and more.

Pocket Quads.NET is powerful Topo map software for the Pocket PC, allowing hobbyists and professionals to display Topo maps on their Pocket PC's with real-time GPS positioning. Topo maps are automatically loaded and centered on the GPS position. Hundreds of Topo maps can be stored on a single CF or SD card, allowing the user to have every topo map for an entire county (or State) in their Pocket PC at one time.

In version 1.5, users can enter a Feature Name to search for, such as Old Faithful. Pocket Quads.NET will display all matching records. The user can select which record to load. Then, by tapping the Load button, the Topo map containing the feature is loaded automatically, and the feature is marked and displayed in the center of the screen. The user can select to load either the 1:24,000, 1:100,000, or 1:250,000 scale map containing the feature. The map is displayed at the current zoom level, such as 75% or 100%.

In addition to searching by Feature Name, Radial searches may be performed. A Designation (Feature Type) is selected from the drop-down list, such as Summit. The user enters a search radius in Miles, Meters, KM, or Feet. The database is searched for all features of the given type that are within the given radius. Records that meet the criteria are displayed, and the user can select which record to use. Again, the user can tap the load button to visually see the location of the feature that was located. The appropriate Topo map is automatically loaded and the feature is centered on the screen. Radial searches can be set to "closest" so that the closest matched record is displayed first. For the center of the search, the user can either tap the screen, use the current GPS position, or specify a point # to use.

Also, new features can be added to the database using the Import New Features routine. This allows users to add new features to the database using a simple text file, formatted as Feature Name, Feature Type, Latitude, Longitude. Prosurv has added several new Designations (Feature Types) to the database, such as NGS_Horizontal and NGS_Vertical, allowing users to import NGS Datasheet monumentation. Then, radial searches can be performed such as "Find the closest Horizontal NGS monument to my current GPS location". The monument is found and displayed on the Topo map.

Prosurv LLC is in the process of adding Wyoming NGS Datasheets (monumentation) to the Wyoming GNIS Database for use with Pocket Quads.NET. Other State databases with NGS monuments will be available by request.

The Utilities routine in Pocket Quads.NET now contains an easy way to set your default Quad Path, such as \CF Card\Quads\, without having to change it in the Defaults.txt file.

A 30 day trial of Pocket Quads.NET is available at

Source: Prosurv, May 4, 2005