These handheld computers are highly reliable, even under rugged or harsh environmental conditions.

DAP Technologies launched three new handheld computers: the Microflex CE3240, Microflex CE5000X and Microflex 2240. These mobile units are highly reliable, even under rugged or harsh environmental conditions. All units are offered as IP67, and are MIL-STD-810F approved. Weighing 1 lb, the Microflex CE3240 is equipped with an Intel XScale PXA 255 400 MHz processor and runs the latest Windows CE 5.0 operating system from Microsoft. It has multiple SDIO slot support and one full PCMCIA slot. Supporting optional 2D scanning, the Microflex CE3240 also offers wireless connectivity options including GPRS and CDMA 1X RTT WWAN, 802.11b WLAN. The multi-modular unit is designed so users can easily add wireless, GPS, 2D imager bar code reader and RFID reader program, in almost any combination. The Microflex CE5000X integrates a color 1.3 megapixel camera and flash into a traditional industrial mobile unit, eliminating the need for additional camera equipment. The unit also offers a GPS and GPRS system, delivering a real-time, integrated mobile computing solution. The camera includes software drivers and API, allowing developers to easily implement color image capture into their applications. The unit supports GPRS wireless WAN or 802.11b WLAN, enabling real-time data communications. The Microflex 2240 runs Windows Mobile 2003, allowing users to view documents such as Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel in their original formats. The unit runs all applications including calendar, E-mail and Pocket versions of Word and Excel. Two user-accessible Compact Flash slots provide memory expansion capabilities to support technologies including Global Positioning System (GPS), Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN), and Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM), and the AA Battery PowerBoot Module. Optional modules include the Extended CF-Cap for large Compact Flash cards. (DAP, Quebec City, Canada)