Conformance with open geospatial standards underscores MapInfo's long-standing commitment to interoperability.

MapInfo Corporation, Troy, N.Y., a leading global provider of location intelligence solutions, announced that its MapXtreme family of products has been certified as fully compliant with the Open Geospatial Consortium's (OGC) OpenGIS WMS Specifications. Being fully OpenGIS compliant allows users to share and reuse data, improve the quality of information and reduce the need to rely on one vendor.

The MapXtreme location-based technology, which is available for both the Java and Microsoft .NET platforms, enables users to develop or enhance custom mapping applications and business intelligence solutions that can be deployed both on the desktop and the Web using the same core engine. Now that MapXtreme is fully OpenGIS WMS compliant, organizations are able to easily share and distribute location-based data regardless of software used.

Choosing to comply with the OGC OpenGIS specification is a reflection of one of the core components of MapInfo's philosophy: making Location Intelligence a vital asset for today's enterprise. Sharing location-based data has traditionally required considerable investments in time, expertise and special software. Time spent managing non-interoperable geospatial data can result in crucial productivity and strategic information losses. With open standards, customers are able to choose the right software for the job by assessing what features they need-and not worry about compatibility issues. According to research sponsored by NASA and conducted by Booz Allen Hamilton Inc., projects that adopt and implement geospatial interoperability standards had a risk-adjusted return on investment of 119 percent.

In addition to MapXtreme, MapInfo has already implemented OGC standards across a number of its enterprise Location Intelligence solutions including Spatialware, Envinsa and MapInfo Professional. For more information about MapInfo's dedication to supporting OGC standards, visit

Source: Mapinfo, August 16, 2005