Data Tree added abstractor services and a new, intelligent batch-processing capability.

Data Tree LLC added two new features to, a web-based product offering instant, 24/7 access to a large national database of public land records. For areas outside of the current online coverage, customers can now utilize the Abstractor Services feature for on-demand document retrieval. The requested documents can instantly be viewed, annotated, saved, printed or E-mailed directly from the browser window. Users also have the option of having a certified hard copy of the document delivered directly to them. Data Tree also added a new, intelligent batch-processing capability enabling users to search and request multiple documents in a single transaction by providing minimal data such as property owner name, street address, assessor parcel number or mortgage amount. Rather than manually keying-in data to search for the documents, users can simply export the data from their own business system and upload the spreadsheet within Then the user can retrieve a WinZip file directory containing each located document and a summary report. (Data Tree, San Diego, Calif.)