Timmons Group, a provider of geospatial and engineering services, has successfully completed a web-enabled GIS mapping project for Warren County, Virginia. The mapping portal contains numerous data layers in a wide array of thematic categories (environment, planimetric, utility, etc.). The data and applications are stored and managed in Timmons Group's secure hosting facility. The county transmits regular updates to Timmons Group technical staff, for all relevant dynamic layers. Updates subsequently post to the hosted site. The GIS mapping solution is built on ESRI's ArcSDE and ArcIMS and leverages the most current Internet technologies including DHTML and VML.

The mapping portal provides a user-friendly interface into Warren County's GIS data and allows for advanced land records queries using the dynamic "locator" tool. This tool allows for dynamic searching against any configured layer. The project enhances the county's existing GIS capabilities by exposing an Internet portal to their constituent base of county residents.

Source: Timmons, Aug. 3, 2005