The JETT"¢RFID+ is a rugged handheld computer featuring Microsoft Windows CE. NET and SDR Technology.

Two Technologies Inc., an ISO9001 registered company and manufacturer of customizable rugged handheld computer and terminal products is pleased to announce the addition of the JETT"¢RFID+ to their line of customizable handheld computers. Along with its powerful Microsoft Windows CE .NET 4.2 operating system and Intel XScale Technology processor, the JETT"¢RFID+ features an HF 13.56MHz reader/writer that fully supports MiFare (ISO 14443A), MiFare (ISO 14443B), MiFare UltraLite tags as well as ISO 15693 tags from all major manufacturers.

The new mobile computer can read tag IDs, read and write data blocks, as well as authenticate and encrypt data to and from compatible tags. These new capabilities allow solutions to support secure storage of information on tags for privacy, security which is required in a number of markets including healthcare, access control and mobile commerce.

An innovative first for the JETT"¢RFID+ is the future-proof, field upgradeable Software Defined Radio (SDR) architecture. SDR allows for new protocols and tags to be supported by existing hardware as they become available through simple field upgrades. With SDR, your investment in the hardware platform is maximized and your risk of obsolescence is greatly minimized as RFID technologies advance.

Two Technologies' unique adjustable antenna allows for reading of 13.56 MHz tags in virtually any orientation. This innovation alleviates the issues with HF RFID tag orientation in many applications including library, item level supply chain, and electronic access control (EAC) markets.

JETT"¢RFID+ customization options include case color, protective bumpers, keypad, logo tag, serial tag, and cables making the JETT"¢RFID+ a unique and seamless fit for a multitude of complex and varied applications. This level of complete product customization is unprecedented in the handheld computer market.

The JETT"¢RFID+ is an ideal solution to meet the complex and varied requirements of a wide range of applications where a rugged handheld computer is needed, such as: warehousing, fleet management, mobile payment, transportation, field service, meter reading, time and attendance, emergency vehicles, machine control, and inventory control.

Source: Two Technologies, Aug. 16, 2005