Topcon announces Elite-8.

Topcon Positioning Systems announced eight new products, promoted as the Elite-8. Leading the line-up is Lazer Zone, a new technology that can be combined with any Topcon RTK GPS system to generate a vertical accuracy to within a few millimeters. Lazer Zone technology incorporates a zone-beam laser transmitter, the PZL-1, that sweeps a 2,000-foot diameter (600 m) area with a 30-foot (10 m) high wall of a unique measuring laser sensor. A compact sensing unit, the PZS-1, is fitted over the top of the range pole. When the PZS-1 sensing unit is combined with a GPS rover, the system will deliver RTK GPS horizontal measuring precision along with milli-meter vertical measuring precision. This combined system, Millimeter GPS, allows multiple GPS rovers to be used simultaneously with a single Lazer Zone transmitter with the vertical accuracy of an optical or robotic instrument, without the restriction of one base instrument with one rover.

Topcon's Elite-8 members also include: three new reflectorless total station models, the GPT-8200 robot, the GPT-7000 with Windows CE onboard data collection and the GPT-3000W with wireless data collection; the HiPer Pro, a cable-free RTK GPS system with integrated UHF radio; the GB-500 modular GPS+ receiver; the FC-100, a Windows CE-based handheld field controller; and TopNET, a new CORS GPS system. (Topcon, Pleasanton, Calif.)