At the close of only its fourth month of operation, the GIS Certification Institute announced that a total of 235 individuals are now Certified GIS Professionals (GISPs). GISCI attributes a large degree of its initial success to its grassroots marketing efforts. Numerous state and local organizations have sponsored events on GIS certification or have featured speakers representing the institute. These small informational sessions and workshops have provided GISCI with an opportunity to reach 40 or 50 applicants at a time rather than answering questions individually.

Each month a new collection of certified GIS professionals are introduced to the community. The names of all certified GIS professionals (GISPs) can be found in an online manifest at

The GISCI Certification Program went "live" on January 1, 2004. Professionals interested in pursuing certification can download application materials at the website and begin preparations for submitting their qualifications for recognition as Certified GIS Professionals and earn the designation, "GISP". For more information about GISCI Certification, visit the website or call (847) 824-7768.

Source: GISCI, May 7, 2004