ESRI announced the availability of ArcExplorer Web. This online geographic data viewer provides a fast, simple way to view one or more map services in a standard Web browser. No special plug-ins or applications are needed to utilize this free Web mapping application.

With ArcExplorer Web, you can

  • Add map services from the Geography Network and other ArcIMS servers.
  • Display one or more map services in a single map view.
  • Set the transparency of map services for overlaying multiple images.
  • Turn on/off map layers within a map service.
  • Find places anywhere in the world.
  • Identify attribute information about features in a map service.
  • Save your maps.
  • Create a link to your saved maps from your Web page.

A customization service is also offered in which ESRI can be retained to give ArcExplorer Web the same look and feel as the rest of an organizations Web site. For information on this service, send e-mail inquiries to

For more information on ArcExplorer Web, as well as the downloadable versions of ArcExplorer, visit