Sensor technology offers unsurpassed precision to Top Team Technology products.

MEMSIC Inc., the market leader in CMOS-based MEMS accelerometers/sensors, announced that Top Team Technology Taiwan Co. Ltd., a leading developer of digital compasses and tilt products, is implementing MEMSIC’s sensor technology in its compasses.

Top Team, founded in 1995, is using MEMSIC’s ultra low noise sensor, which provides pinpoint accuracy and allows users to identify their position and orientation, even if the unit is not parallel to the ground. Top Team’s products include: Smart Compasses, the world’s smallest and lightest compass, suitable for a neckchain or keychain; vehicle compasses; a vehicle attitude indicator, which provides drivers with pitch and roll readout; and a tennis pedometer, which calculates the number of strokes during an individual workout session.

“Top Team’s compass and tilt technologies deliver the most precise and sophisticated products to its users,” said Vensan Lin, general manager of Top Team Technology. “The MEMSIC ultra low noise sensor ensures the precision of our receiver and provides the most accurate tilt measurement on the market today.”

The Ultra Low Noise sensor offers unparalleled low noise resolution due to its low noise floor, eliminates the need for external offset adjustments because of its tighter offset, and can allow tilt angles approaching .1¿ to be measured, improving accuracy and reliability of products, such as those offered by Top Team, that rely on tilt.

“Manufacturers of handheld devices are slowly recognizing the value of MEMS and the benefits the technology gives them – high volumes, low cost, and compact size,” said Yang Zhao, CEO of MEMSIC. “In the Top Team product line, the MEMSIC ultra low noise sensor tracks the angular displacement from a zero g reference; with this information, the magnetic deviation can be corrected, providing an accurate compass reading even when the device is not held flat.”

The Ultra Low Noise Sensor is based on heat convection and requires no proof mass, eliminating stiction issues associated with other devices. Because MEMSIC has successfully integrated MEMS technology with leading-edge IC processes to create MEMS ICs, the ICs are fully programmable at the end of the manufacturing cycle and integrate the electronics and sensor on the same IC, saving customers money and space.