GeoConcept SA, European leader in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), announces the opening of GeoConcept International Software SA Switzerland, its Swiss subsidiary. The new subsidiary results from a friendly takeover of its partner, SIT Conseil in Geneva. Under the leadership of Guillaume Beauregard, the new company has six staff including four former members of SIT Conseil.

As a by-product of this operation, GeoConcept SA becomes owner of the leading edge solution, Edilis, a tool for local government management which it will make available to its international distribution network. GeoConcept International Software SA Switzerland will distribute GeoConcept¹s entire product range.

One of the main objectives of the new company will be to strengthen and extend its already significant network of partners in Switzerland. One important current partner in German-speaking Switzerland is SIT Freiburg.

The company is planning a series of seminars in the near future to present to Swiss partners and users the full potential of GeoConcept¹s range of products.

The whole area of GeoBusiness, especially GeoMarketing and GeoLogistics, which are high in the agenda of most users, is a key area for development. GeoConcept SA has a highly competitive offer in these areas as well as an excellent international reputation as the leading European geomarketing software publisher.

Regional development and management is a GIS application that is widely used in Switzerland. GeoConcept SA has a large base of installed customers in this field, including the Industrial Services Department of Geneva, and many in French-speaking Switzerland. It will remain one of the core activities of the new subsidiary.

As a result, GeoConcept International Software SA Switzerland will vigorously pursue the sale and development of the Edilis range of products, originally launched in 1995. Edilis responds to the needs of local government and engineering and surveying consultancies in a number of ways including:

  • Management of plots using user-friendly screen interfaces,
  • Easy manipulation of plot characteristics,
  • On-screen display of water and energy networks,
  • On-screen display of demographic data,
  • Easy interfacing with web applications (via an intranet or extranet)

GeoConcept SA data producer partners include Navtech (Navigation Technologies), the world leader of street level cartographic data. GeoConcept International Software SA Switzerland will be able to leverage this alliance and it becomes the Navtech partner for Switzerland. The company offers complete street-level coverage of Switzerland which includes all traffic constraints such as one-way streets and is adaptable to all applications for logistic and tracking optimization.

Eric Lanzi, CEO of GeoConcept SA, said: "The opening of our Swiss subsidiary is the first step towards making GeoConcept SA a truly international company. Our products have been really successful in many countries and our Swiss office will give us a real presence outside France. I am delighted that we are starting with Switzerland where we have had links for a long time and where growth potential is particularly strong."

Guillaume Beauregard, CEO of GeoConcept International Software SA Switzerland, said: "The fact that our parent company, GeoConcept SA has been successful for many years bodes well for a stable and rapid growth environment for GeoConcept International Software SA Switzerland. We can leverage its reputation and sales network and also grow the sales of GeoConcept Edilis, one of our lead products. Without exception, our existing customers have approved of the new structure and we are looking forward to many new customers joining the GeoConcept community."

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