Version 2 is based on the FieldGenius XG product announced in December.

MicroSurvey announced a second generation of Windows CE based data collection. Based on the FieldGenius XG product announced in December, Version 2.0 is by far the most powerful data collector available in North America. Some of the new features in 2.0 include:
  • Xtreme Graphics with 3D perspective views
  • Direct support for LandXML files with alignments, parcels, points, geometry, and surfaces
  • Real time surface generation with TINs, Contours, and shaded surface views all performed interactively while collecting points using total stations or GPS
  • Full RTK GPS support for Leica, Ashtech, Sokkia, Novatel, Topcon/Javad, and Trimble
  • Advanced drawing support reads DXF files with lines, arcs, polylines, text, blocks, 3D faces and more
  • LandXML Alignment staking with templates and cross sections
  • LandXML Writer for storing alignments, profiles, and templates
  • LandXML DTM Surface staking
  • dBase coordinate database with alphanumeric labels

“Our development team has been building the groundwork for two years. Now in the past few months we have seen the benefits of that work. The video that we posted on our web site today shows the future of data collection.” said Darcy J. Detlor, MicroSurvey’s President. “FieldGenius is by far the most interactive, fluid data collection system on the market. It's amazing to see, awesome to use, and we are the only ones with it.”