Agreement combines their efforts for geographic information system (GIS) education in Europe.

ESRI and the Association of Geographic Information Laboratories of Europe (AGILE) signed an agreement on November 20, 2002, to combine efforts for geographic information system (GIS) education in Europe. The agreement provides several benefits for both organizations.

Through the agreement, ESRI will provide internships at its headquarters in Redlands, California, to students who are AGILE members, and AGILE laboratories will receive ESRI Press books. There will also be special ESRI awards for posters and presentations at the annual AGILE conference, which takes place April 2426, 2003, in Lyon, France.

"We think that AGILE members will enjoy the opportunity to get to know the informative ESRI Press books that contain wonderful material for educational purposes," says Mauro Salvemini, president of AGILE. "Students who are selected for an internship in California will have the opportunity to see the day-to-day business of a GIS vendor and be part of the production process, which can be of invaluable importance for the future of their careers."

ESRI is equally enthusiastic about the possibilities created by the agreement. "The AGILE labs are the most prestigious GIS academic and research organizations in Europe, and ESRI appreciates that it will now have a more direct connection with these institutes. It will provide students with other education materials in addition to software," says Dr. Michael Phoenix, ESRI education manager.

Students will be able to subscribe to many of ESRIs Virtual Campus courses for free, and they will have access to the complete library of ESRI Press books. ESRI Press is the leading publisher of GIS books, with more than 40 books published, adds Phoenix.

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