Eagle Point strives to intensify its focus on being a client-centric organization.

Eagle Point announced that it has taken another major step to intensify its focus on being a client-centric organization by naming Michael Lyons as Vice President of Client Relationships.

“We are undergoing a significant paradigm shift in our business practices,” explains John Biver, President and CEO. “Over the past year, we have been transitioning our organization from one which previously possessed a single-minded emphasis on developing and selling software. Mike’s appointment is another step in our continuing shift toward being an organization that emphasizes doing everything necessary to help clients achieve true success with technology.”

“In today’s increasingly sophisticated technology environment,” adds Biver, “solution providers must be able to develop a complete understanding of clients’ goals, objectives, expectations, processes, and procedures in order to help them improve productivity.” Biver indicates that the land development industry is tired of and frustrated by the unfulfilled promises of companies about their products being the answer to effectiveness and efficiency. Software simply isn’t the sole component of a complete technology solution.

Lyons, who has been a manager and executive with Eagle Point since 1995, is responsible for leading the focused effort to complete this transition for the company.

“Our new mission is to provide complete technology solutions for our clients,” explains Lyons. “Before we can deliver the best solutions to our clients needs, we must first fully understand the depth of technology problems and opportunities they face.”

Throughout Eagle Point’s 20-year history, they have worked with thousands of land development organizations of all sizes. As a result, they have gained substantial experience and expertise to help companies realize technological success. But in order to do so, they must first work hard to develop strong, trusting relationships with them.