Maporama, the leading provider of location-centric applications, and Danem, editor and re-seller of mobile software, announced today a new partnership to develop and market new generation mobile applications for companies managing mobile personnel in the retail and services industries.

These products will be used by companies to increase the efficiency of mobile personnel, for example sales force, technicians, maintenance or delivery teams. Maporama's location-centric technology means that mobile personnel have access to detailed street level maps as well as turn-by-turn itineraries in order to easily localise their destination addresses. Maporama and Danem thereby accelerate the return on investment by reducing companies' operational costs related to mobility, since customers using these new products will save substantial resources in terms of travel time and fuel expenses.

Thanks to their multi-platform compatibility, the products developed by Maporama and Danem can easily accompany mobile personnel when out in the field. With Maporama's maps and itineraries integrated within Danem's applications, salespeople can travel more efficiently, deliveries can be made following the best routes and itineraries to their destinations, and maintenance teams are able to arrive at their destinations more quickly. All location-centric functionalities integrated within the products developed by Maporama and Danem exploit the most comprehensive cartographic database online, representing detailed street level maps of cities with total population of over one billion consumers across the world.