Leading digital map provider makes MultiNet North America 2.4 available to customers with added content and tool suite.

Tele Atlas released its comprehensive turn-by-turn digital map database, MultiNet North America 2.4. This database includes map coverage for the United States, Canada, international waters and country borders, supported by 13 million third-party points-of-interest (POI) data, evaluation data and GDF Viewer+, a tool suite for geographic data file (GDF) viewing, debugging and testing.

This release of MultiNet North America 2.4 is available in GDF (geographic data file) format, a de facto international standard featuring an application-independent data model, traffic and transport related extensions, flexibility and extendibility. It was built to Tele Atlas' global specification, which allows customers to readily expand applications to include coverage of multiple continents. Additional industry formats are also scheduled for release during the first half of 2003.

The MultiNet North America 2.4 is the most powerful map database ever built for North America. It includes:

  • TURN-BY-TURN functionality, which enables highly reliable route calculation and route guidance applications
  • BETTER GEOCODING, which, for navigation customers, enables them to provide superior address location of origins, destinations, and points of interest
  • SUPERIOR GEOMETRICAL AND POSITIONAL ACCURACY, which enables better and more accurate performance by GPS-based applications
  • SEAMLESS NORTH AMERICAN DATA, which enables contiguous routing door-to-door and coast-to-coast, within the United States and between Canada and the U.S. through an alliance with DMTI Spatial, Inc., Canada's leading data provider
  • POINTS OF INTEREST (POIs) DATA, which includes millions of real-world places of note, from airports to hotels, museums to convention centers
    • For the U.S., 12 million licensed from InfoUSA
    • For Canada, more than 1 million through Tele Atlas' partnership with DMTI Spatial, Inc.
  • THE ONLY DIRECT TRAFFIC-LINKED MAP & REAL-TIME TRAFFIC FEED, which enables dynamic re-routing for the U.S.

The GDF Viewer+
Tele Atlas has developed a suite of GDF viewing, debugging, and testing tools named the GDF Viewer+. GDF Viewer+ offers map and text display capabilities for the Tele Atlas GDF-AS files content.

The Tele Atlas GDF Viewer+ uses raw GDF formatted data and is independent of any industry platforms. It offers a vast array of functionalities that can be expanded based on need. Because it uses the raw data, no intermediary conversions take place when reading the GDF source file and displaying it on the screen.