MicroSurvey Software Announces Major FieldGenius Update

MicroSurvey Software Inc. announced a major update to the FieldGenius Data Collection system.

With FieldGenius XG, MicroSurvey creates the most powerful graphics possible on a Windows CE device. This makes it easier to zoom, pan, or view data in a 3D perspective view. XG is the first data collector that will create surface models and contours as measurements are taken with a Total Station. FieldGenius XG can import complex DXF CAD drawings with blocks, text, and other entities. To make data export easier, the program creates Autodesk Land Development Desktop Field Book (FBK) files with points, connectivity, and raw data.

FieldGenius XG introduces an advanced Heads Up Display (HUD) to take advantage of the graphics in CE devices. Shots, point, and line information are instantly HUD displayed on top of the drawing – no switching screens or views between graphics and text screens. Smart Menus provide options at the right time to make work fast and easy. These pop-up menus are active on points, lines, or any screen area.