Diversified Brands offers Tough Coat Rebar Green Epoxy from Krylon Industrial, for use in a variety of industrial applications including cement/concrete encased rebar. Tough Coat Rebar Green Epoxy creates a protective coating that resists chipping and peeling, and protects against rust stain bleed-through when rebar is encased in cement or concrete. It provides excellent hiding characteristics, and adheres to most substrates.

"Rebar arrives at the construction site pre-coated by the manufacturer," explained Bill Deckard, Diversified Brands sales representative. "As the rebar is cut on site, the new exposed ends must be coated to protect from rust and corrosion. Krylon Industrial Tough Coat Rebar Green provides long-term protection of the rebar by coating and sealing these ends."

Available in 16-ounce cans, the Tough Coat Rebar Green Epoxy high-solids formula ensures maximum coverage and performance. The product is easily applied using Krylon's exclusive EZ TOUCH FANSPRAY nozzle, a patented valve that sprays in a horizontal or vertical pattern, and requires 50% less finger pressure than any other paint valve.

"Tough Coat Rebar Green Epoxy has been used in a number of projects requiring high performance coating and hiding characteristics," stated Deckard. "One such example is the multi-year I-280 bridge construction project in Toledo, Ohio. Numerous visible concrete braces have been incorporated into the design, and rust stain bleed-through protection was thus a significant concern."

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Source: Diversified Brands, April 27, 2004