The company welcomed business and government professionals to an open house at its company headquarters.

Clary & Associates Inc., professional surveyors and mappers, recently welcomed a variety of business and government professionals to learn more about Geographic Information Systems (GIS) during an open house and workshop at its company headquarters.

Clary and Associates represented Northeast Florida in a global event known as GIS Day, held in conjunction with the National Geographic Society’s Geography Awareness Week. The event showcased how the companies are using real-world applications of GIS technology.

“GIS touches our lives daily and is used throughout the world,” said Gregory Clary, President. “Promoting technology in Jacksonville is an important part of maintaining the growth of this great city. At Clary, we are committed to keeping area businesses in the lead on important projects.”

GIS experts from Osceola County and the Orlando area also attended the event. GIS is a computer-based mapping tool that takes information from a database about a place – such as a street, building, body of water or terrain – and turns it into visual layers. The ability to see these features on one map provides a clearer understanding of a particular location. It enables planners and analysts to make informed decisions about their communities.

The GIS technology is used throughout the world to solve problems as well as increase efficiency. It allows people to pull maps off the Internet and also helps to direct vehicles to their destinations.

“The event is an excellent opportunity for Clary to demonstrate how GIS technology is being used,” Clary said. “GIS Day serves to make people aware of the important contributions GIS technology is making in our lives.”